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Reopening Youth Summer Learning Programs

girl reading book in summer

The unprecedented public health emergency caused by the novel Coronavirus has created tremendous challenges for cities across the country. In March, over 124,000 U.S. public and private K-12 schools closed their buildings impacting at least 55.1 million children and youth who were sent home to transition to virtual/distance learning. While every school district across the

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Empowering Youth in Your Community

Cities from around the country of various sizes are implementing important actions that engage youth as an asset in COVID-19 responses. City leaders are committed to authentically engaging their community and find it especially challenging during the pandemic. Youths are a vital asset to cities, all the more so in these difficult times. When thinking about authentic youth engagement to help fill the

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How to Reconnect Your Youth to the Natural World

A young boy having a positive outdoor experiences

“With access to nature, we have real racial disparity in our city. If you are a middle-class kid, your parents or scout troop are making sure you have positive outdoor experiences. This is not the case for a kid struggling with not having enough food and the trauma of everyday life,” said St. Louis Mayor

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How Local Leaders Can Help Our Most Vulnerable Young People

City governments and city leaders continuously grapple with the costs of the “deep end” of the juvenile justice system. Deep-end youth include the roughly 30,000 young people placed in detention facilities who may be better served in targeted community-based services in the city. Deep-end youth constitute our most vulnerable and marginalized young people. Many deep-end

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NLC Reengagement Network Releases New Tools for Cities

With the release of two new tools for cities this week, the National League of Cities Reengagement Network is adding to the universe of resources for implementing or adopting comprehensive strategies to reconnect opportunity youth to jobs, education and civic life. The annual Reengagement Census, updated with information from 20 sites for the 2016-17 school

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How City Leaders Can Combat Childhood Hunger

During his State of the City address this year, Adam Paul, mayor of Lakewood, Colorado, nailed it. “I have given this a lot of thought,” he said, “and I want to tell you my ‘one thing’ for this year. I want to address childhood hunger in our city. There is no excuse for children to

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NLC Hosts Convening in Philadelphia to Explore Youth Reengagement Strategies

Christina Grant, Assistant Superintendent of the Opportunity/Innovation Network at the School District of Philadelphia, leads a discussion group at the Sixth Annual Reengagement Plus! Convening in Philadelphia last month. (Photo credit: Indira Jimenez) Last month, the National League of Cities partnered with the Philadelphia Youth Network, the National Youth Employment Coalition, and the School District

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5 Workforce Strategies to Increase Economic Opportunity

This post is the first installment in NLC’s Economic Mobility and Opportunity Blog Series. It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution to help your residents gain a solid financial footing. The National League of Cities’ (NLC) recent report offers a road map to help you achieve that commitment. Keeping the American Dream

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