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From Low-Skilled to College-Ready: Building Pathways for All Youth Who Drop Out- Part 4

This is a guest post by Peter Kleinbard. It is the fourth in a series on dropout reengagement drawn from the case study: For Young Adults Who Drop Out: Pathways Or Merely Stops Along The Way? “It is not a time like when I was a teenager I could go to McDonald’s … impress a manager, fill out the

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Losing a Youth Development Icon

I know that some municipal officials devote their entire lives to public service.  In Boston, Tom Menino has served as mayor for nearly 20 years, and spent almost a decade before that as a member of the City Council.  Richard Daley dominated Chicago’s City Hall and political life for a generation, as his father had

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Angels on Ice!

The worlds of city economic development and youth development came together for a brief shining moment last week, at the LA Live! entertainment complex in Los Angeles.  Dense new residential and commercial development in and around the complex brings verve and people well into the evening, many nights each week. With oversize statues of LA

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