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What Data Tells Us About Amazon’s HQ2 Decision

This is a guest post from Richard Leadbeater, State Government Industry Manager at Esri. Last Thursday, I lost five dollars. I had bet that Detroit would be the winner in the Amazon HQ2 bid. I thought the city met all the basic criteria: Delta Airlines hub, space to grow, economic incentives, lower cost of living,

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Housing Solutions for Veterans Offer a Path Forward

From 2010 to 2017, homelessness among American military veterans declined by an astonishing 46 percent. This historic progress was the result of sustained partnerships between federal, state and local officials, as well as philanthropy, the private sector and nonprofits. The progress for veterans is encouraging — but veterans only represent a fraction of the 553,742

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In Washington, NLC Leaders Represent City Priorities

For Washington, DC, August is a quiet month. With Congress in recess and the President typically on vacation, the federal government has a chance to hear from constituents and work on long-term plans and issues. For NLC’s Federal Advocacy Committees, however, that pause in the action is golden opportunity. This week, over three dozen city

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