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Supporting Veterans Requires Locally Driven Collaborations

A few weeks ago, I traveled to San Antonio to participate in the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans’ (NCHV) 2012 Veterans Access to Housing Summit. Community leaders and government officials from across the country attended this event, and one theme consistently emerged – the need for local coordination to end homelessness among veterans. With the

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Two Birds/One Stone: Finding Common Ground in an Election Year & Supporting Our Veterans

In another sign that veteran-related issues garner bipartisan support, members of the House Armed Services and Veterans’ Affairs Committees recently held a joint hearing with both Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. Remarkably, after more than ten years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the hearing was the first time in

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“My pride is back”: Ending the shame of Veteran homelessness

With Memorial Day approaching, we may find our thoughts drifting to enjoying a few days with family and friends away from the rush of everyday life. But hopefully, for a least a moment, we will reflect on why this three-day weekend in late-May happens. For the more than 22 million veterans, this weekend is a

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