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Journeying to Jerusalem: Examining the Benefits Urban Agriculture Can Bring to Your City

This is a guest post by Allison Paisner. How can local leaders create a community-building activity that helps citizens make healthy food choices and get outside more? Gardens may be the ideal answer. While you may not have immediately jumped to the same conclusion, consider that gardens are a valuable resource, providing a good source

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Supporting Food Systems, Supporting Communities

“The best way to preserve farmland is to make farmers successful on that land.” This call to action from participants attending the Supporting Local Food Systems Roundtable at NLC’s Congress of Cities (CoC), speaks to just one of the many factors driving the National League of Cities’ (NLC) commitment to addressing sustainable food issues in

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Healthy urban food systems seeking committed local leaders

In celebration of Earth Day, Grist magazine highlighted 40 people working to “redefine green” in their communities. The list contains a diverse range of entrepreneurs, community activists, scientists, and venture capitalists yet what is perhaps most striking is that a third of the people featured are “altering the green landscape” through food. One of these

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