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Great Workforce Development Means Giving Children a Strong Start

Ask any local elected leader about their top priorities and they will likely tell you about workforce development and quality jobs that help workers provide for their families. While early childhood education may not be the next thing you immediately think of, there are several important connections between the role of early childhood and a

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Public Spaces and Local Democracy

On Tuesday, the Tennessee House of Representatives voted to exact revenge on the city of Memphis — approving a measure to withhold $250,000 in funding that had been appropriated for the city’s bicentennial anniversary celebration. A little backstory is required. In December, two statues of Confederate leaders were removed from Memphis parks — a long-awaited

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Exploring Nashville’s Small Manufacturing Revolution

Since its founding, the city of Nashville has constantly reinvented itself — first as a hub for trade, then as a shipping power, and finally as a center for the music, healthcare, and food industries. Now, Nashville is banking on yet another economic reinvention: unlocking the power of maker spaces, local artisans, and small manufacturers.

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