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Keeping Local Permits and Licenses Moving During COVID-19

As the nation battles COVID-19, many local governments have transitioned to telework and limited access to government building by visitors and non-essential staff. In adjusting to these changes, local governments have continued to balance the imperative to protect the public health and safety with the need to ensure that municipal services and processes continue to

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Cybersecurity Tips for Working from Home

Government employees nationwide are moving to at-home work locations as social distancing in response to COVID-19 increases. The ever-present cyber threats that concern governments, however, don’t disappear when employees go home. Public sector staff can follow these top tips to mitigate risk and protect both public and personal networks and information. Understand you are a

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Adapting City Processes and Staff to Telework

As more states and localities have implemented closures to help limit the spread of coronavirus, many cities are working overtime to transition a largely in-office workforce to telework. While telework is not possible for those in essential positions such as emergency responders, sanitation workers, and utility workers, those employees who can work from home, should

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