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Supreme Court Weighs Political Apparel Bans at Polling Sites

With the 2018 election just months away, America’s courts have been asked to consider and reconsider every aspect of our democracy. From foreign meddling to paper ballot tracking, it seems no detail is too minute to challenge. Now, the highest court in the country will consider a unique new electoral battleground: Political apparel at polling

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Our Divided Political Heart

It’s a shame that political party conventions don’t provide the kind of compelling and stimulating debate on policy issues that might actually serve to inform voters – assuming any are listening – about the electoral choice before the nation. It’s all the more regrettable because the American Republic is a nation of problem solvers all

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Who Ensures Liberty and Justice for All

The Lorax spoke for the trees. At the dawn of the American nation, Madison, Hamilton and Jay spoke for the Constitution. In the present age will the Tea Party be the primary voice to define the size, scope and purpose of government? The purpose of government – national or local – is to promote the

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