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Why the Census is Headed To SCOTUS

For more on how to prepare your city for the 2020 census visit NLC.org/census. In March 2018 Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross issued a memorandum stating a citizenship question would be added to the 2020 census questionnaire. In In Re Department of Commerce the Supreme Court will not be deciding whether this question may be

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Supreme Court Review for Local Governments: June 2017

In the last month of its term (June), the Supreme Court often issues opinions at a dizzying pace. Below is a very brief summary of the cases decided last month affecting local governments. When it comes to big cases, the Supreme Court’s last term was the quietest in recent memory. For local governments, though, the

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Seven Significant Supreme Court Cases for Local Governments

The Supreme Court ruled on a number of cases this term that will affect local governments. (markphariss/Getty Images) That same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry and the Affordable Care Act remains intact will forever outshine every other decision from this Supreme Court term. But local governments will ignore the rest of this term

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