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What’s a First Tier Suburb, Anyway?

This is a guest post by Councilmember John Holman of Auburn, Washington. There is a good likelihood that you are an elected official from a first tier suburb. An older, less-used term is ring suburb. Simply put, if your city is influenced by a large, urban, metropolitan area, chances are you are one of us.

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Book Review: Confronting Suburban Poverty in America

Inner-city slums.  Rural isolation.  The affluent suburbs.  For decades, these terms have demarcated the mental boundaries of our nation’s collective understanding of the geography of poverty and wealth in America. Yet this geography has been changing rapidly in recent years – and neither our perceptions nor our poverty reduction policies are keeping pace. In a

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The Lives of the Next 100 Million

It’s regrettable that Joel Kotkin’s vision of America in 2050 is not more imaginative.  His rejection of the entire new urbanism agenda as a tool to accommodate the next hundred million U.S. residents ties his “cities of aspiration” to the automobile, to fossil fuels, to the large single family dwelling and to an expectation that

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