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What Triage Centers Mean for Cities, First-Responders and People in Crisis

Triage centers provide a strong opportunity to bring first responders and community-based service providers together to effectively address behavioral health crises and improve quality of life across a city. City leaders across the country are prioritizing better police responses to people suffering behavioral health crises, which include mental health or substance abuse crises.  Triage centers

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How Small Cities Can Address Addiction

Too often people suffering with addiction end up entangled in the criminal justice system, as substance misuse and addiction continue to increase across the nation as cities grapple with how to tackle the epidemic. Small cities can face the daunting challenge of addressing similar rates of addiction with less resources than larger cities. In November at

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City Leaders Should Consider Pre-Arrest Diversion

Several cities across the nation are embracing pre-arrest diversion to reduce mass incarceration. Pre-arrest diversion allows officers to divert a person into community services to receive treatment rather than arresting and jailing that person. Cities play an integral role in who enters local jails and are implementing programs and policies, such as pre-arrest diversion, that

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