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Strengthening Sustainability at Home and Abroad: NLC-led Delegation Heads to Europe

The pursuit of sustainability is in many ways a pursuit of innovation. Far from altering the ultimate processes, systems, services, and objectives of local government – sustainability initiatives seek to find new approaches, use creative solutions, and plan comprehensively to enhance overall efficiency of cities and create healthy, prosperous, and strong communities. Sustainability approaches bring

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International sustainability efforts – not necessarily a world apart

Stockholm, Sweden is a deserving recipient of the first-ever European Green Capital designation awarded by the European Commission and celebrated last week during a three-day conference bringing together municipal leaders from across Europe and the U.S. At the event, delegates learned about the city’s impressive efforts to restore water quality surrounding the city’s 14 islands

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NLC Delegation Carries Sustainability Message to Europe

A high-level NLC delegation of local officials has begun to arrive at the inaugural European Green Capital Conference, with the intent of sharing the successes and challenges of U.S. work on sustainability, while gathering best practices from across Europe. Stockholm, Sweden, is serving as the host of this inaugural sustainability conference, having been officially designated

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