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5 Issues President Obama Needs to Address in the State of the Union

President Obama is expected to make economic inequality a major component of his State of the Union Tuesday night, addressing what recent headlines and research have concluded is a threat to the future prosperity of our country. Consistently stagnant levels of economic mobility further underscores the president’s need to address this issue, as the ability

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What the President’s State of the Union Proposals Would Mean for Early Childhood Education

In his State of the Union address last week, President Obama outlined several ambitious initiatives to strengthen the nation’s education system.  One of his proposed reforms would expand access to high-quality preschool and early learning opportunities.  The president emphasized the importance of early childhood education and noted that, “Study after study shows that the sooner

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The Opportunities and Challenges of Our Withdrawal from Afghanistan

During the State of the Union address last night, NLC President Marie Lopez Rogers joined First Lady Michelle Obama in the gallery, a clear recognition of the vital role that cities play in strengthening our nation. Among the many topics covered, the President announced his intention to withdraw approximately 34,000 American troops from Afghanistan in the

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