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Three Things that the Fed and Congress Can Do Now to Help Small Cities Reopen and Recover

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While more than 63% of Americans live in cities, the vast majority of city residents live in communities with populations of 300,000 or less[i]. Cities large and small face financial risks from COVID-19 and the challenge of mitigating its spread. They face extra and increasing costs for essential public safety and health and lost tax

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One Small City’s Big Steps to Undo Systemic Racism

The Village of Park Forest, Illinois was established in 1948 to house military veterans as the nation’s first planned community after World War II. Park Forest was initially designed as one of the few communities without restrictive covenants by religion. Building on that ten-year tradition, Park Forest was racially desegregated in 1959 when the first African-American

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Small Cities Looking to the Future

When you think of the word “city”, what do you picture? Is it skyscrapers rising over the horizon? Or is it industry — people in suits pouring over state-of-the-art laptops? Maybe it’s billboards glittering with the latest advertisement and lights that just don’t seem to turn off. So often when we think of cities, we

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Keeping a Small Town Thriving

Shepherdstown, West Virginia (population under 2,000) matches the historic charm of a Shenandoah Valley retreat with the energy and entrepreneurship usually found in a more urban setting. In the competition for best in class among small communities, Shepherdstown punches above its size and weight. Ignore the pre-Revolutionary founding (1762) and the advantages of geography (77

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Opportunities and Impact for Small-Town Sustainability

Of the many misconceptions that sustainability as a field encounters, the notion that it is an approach exclusive to large, well-resourced cities is as pervasive as it is untrue. Last week I had the opportunity to attend a roundtable discussion on strategies to connect and support sustainability efforts in cities and towns across the state

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