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30 Great Ideas from America’s Small Cities

Happy Independence Day! At the National League of Cities (NLC), we’re proud to represent all 16,000 of America’s cities, towns, villages, hamlets and communities. It’s our belief that every city matters and deserves to have a voice — regardless of size, location, or history. That’s why throughout June we’ve celebrated Small Cities Month, highlighting our

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How to Boost Your City’s Visibility

“Technology doesn’t have to be expensive.” That’s what the sales people tell us. These words trigger the warning bell in our heads. But sometimes it turns out to be true, as the city leaders in Lewiston, Maine (pop. 36,600) discovered in their partnership with NLC Corporate Partner CGI Communications. Prominent on the city’s website is

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Celebrating the Attractions of Small Cities

When I talk about cities I have visited, I use sensory language. I describe the art or architecture I saw, the unique foods I consumed, the sounds of nature or of music I heard, the landscape I traversed or the people with whom I connected. Big city or small city, in the U.S. or abroad,

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