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In Dublin, California, an Affordable Housing Success Story

While America’s major metropolitan cities often take center stage in national issues, the country’s smaller cities and towns have a culture, vibrancy and uniqueness all their own. This June, we’re highlighting small cities looking to the future as part of Small Cities Month 2018. The Arroyo Vista public housing development, the only such venue in

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Small Cities Use Fiber Infrastructure to Decrease Digital Divide

Throughout June, NLC is celebrating America’s forward-thinking small cities and towns with #SmallCitiesMonth. This is a guest post by Lisa Gonzalez, senior telecommunications researcher at The Institute for Local Self-Reliance. Significant segments of Americans still struggle to obtain some form of broadband Internet access and even more don’t have a choice of high-quality Internet service.

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Small Cities Looking to the Future

When you think of the word “city”, what do you picture? Is it skyscrapers rising over the horizon? Or is it industry — people in suits pouring over state-of-the-art laptops? Maybe it’s billboards glittering with the latest advertisement and lights that just don’t seem to turn off. So often when we think of cities, we

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It’s Small Cities Month at NLC. Here’s Why We’re Celebrating.

photo - Small Cities Month

Let’s face it, big cities get a lot of attention. Nationwide, we hear about the accomplishments and innovations of the nation’s biggest cities every day. Yet small city leaders face many of the same problems that their larger counterpoints do, and often find success despite serious budget constraints. Whatever the issue, small cities have a

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