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An Inside Look at Equitable Economic Development in Charlotte

We meet one of NLC’s Equitable Economic Development (EED) Fellows, Holly Eskridge of Charlotte, North Carolina, and discuss her experience in the EED program, Charlotte’s equitable economic development priorities, stakeholder engagement and challenges. This post is part of a series on NLC’s Equitable Economic Development (EED) Fellowship. The participants in NLC’s Equitable Economic Development (EED)

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How Cities Support Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

There’s been no shortage of interest and commentary about the importance of entrepreneurs and small business to the nation’s recovery.  Almost daily, economists and policy wonks engage in a seemingly never-ending discussion on what the “right” businesses are to create jobs. And while these conversations have utility and value, they have not produced many actionable

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To Grow Small Businesses, Doing What Local Governments Do Best is Best

The recent recessionary period has garnered new attention to the role of small businesses in generating economic growth.  As a result, many local governments have renewed interest in policies to support and grow their small business community.  But how do we know what really works? During a recent meeting of the Atlanta and Dallas Federal

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