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Veterans and the Skilled Trades: The Future of Work

This is guest post by Bill Eller, vice president, business development at HomeServe. Skilled trades are the future of work. A combination of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age and lack of interest by young adults in the skilled trade field has caused an unprecedented labor shortage. It’s estimated that, for each person who enters the

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Why Social And Emotional Skills Matter Most for Employers

Imagine you are the head of a local business or international corporation. What are the skills your new hires must have? While technological skills such as coding and computer science skills are incredibly important to land the highest paying jobs, social-emotional skills such as empathy, critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork, and interpersonal communication are top

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How Summer Jobs Can Teach Youth Financial Skills

This is a guest post by Amelia O’Rourke-Owens of America Saves for Young Workers. This summer, 32,973 summer youth employees in 25 cities have pledged to save a portion of their pay as part of the America Saves for Young Workers (ASYW) initiative, a partner of the National League of Cities (NLC) Institute for Youth,

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