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Rethinking Sidewalks and Streets in the Midst of COVID-19

Adjusting During COVID-19 With millions of Americans now working from home right now, roads have shifted from being a means to get to and from work to spaces for residents to exercise and get to the grocery store. In the long list of changes caused by COVID-19, how residents move around their cities and towns

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Significant Homeless Decision Stands

In Martin v. City of Boise, the Ninth Circuit held that if a homeless person has no option of sleeping indoors a city cannot cite him or her for violating an ordinance disallowing sleeping outside in a public space. This significant holding is now final. The Supreme Court refuses to review thousands of lower court

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Life on the Sidewalk

Many cities are blessed with neighborhoods that offer cafes, restaurants and small parks with tables and chairs or benches out on the sidewalk. In Washington, D.C. the neighborhood around the historic Eastern Market is a vortex for public life, especially on a weekend when merchants and shoppers sip coffee amidst strollers, kids in sports uniforms,

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