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New Guidance on Dockless Scooters and Bikes

This is a guest post from Negheen Sanjar, Director of Legal Research at the International Municipal Lawyer’s Association (IMLA). Across the country, local governments are increasingly engaging with micromobility devices, like dockless scooters and bikes. These dockless micromobility devices are similar to their docked counterparts with one exception – they can be parked anywhere. Users

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Making Shared Scooters and Bikes Successful in Your City

This is a guest post by Rachel Zack, Policy Strategist at Remix. Since Remix was founded, one of the most important questions we’ve asked is: “What problems can we help solve?” Answers to that question have always come from close communication with cities and transit agencies, helping us understand the complex challenges across transportation. We focused on

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For a Smooth Ride, e-Scooter Providers and Cities Need to Get Along

This is a guest post by Steve DelBianco, president of NetChoice. America’s tech industry has embraced the idea of permissionless innovation, where new online business models set up operations without requesting approval from public officials. That’s how eBay revolutionized the way people sell their stuff, and it’s how sharing economy businesses became a great way for

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