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Reopening Youth Summer Learning Programs

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The unprecedented public health emergency caused by the novel Coronavirus has created tremendous challenges for cities across the country. In March, over 124,000 U.S. public and private K-12 schools closed their buildings impacting at least 55.1 million children and youth who were sent home to transition to virtual/distance learning. While every school district across the

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Containing COVID Spread Amidst Reopening and Protests

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After shutdowns that devastated local economies, cities and towns across the country are at various stages of reopening since the second week of May. While COVID-19 transmission is declining in many states the highest transmission rates have moved from big cities to the heartlands. This is likely from large crowds that congregated over Memorial Day

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Introducing a Framework for Reopening Government Departments

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Countless written guides exist for re-opening a restaurant, furniture store, salon or gym. These guides are essential aids to the businesspeople who might not otherwise know how to prevent COVID-19 spread. We want these businesses open – albeit safely – to refuel our local economies. However, there is very little guidance offered to local and

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Three Things that the Fed and Congress Can Do Now to Help Small Cities Reopen and Recover

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While more than 63% of Americans live in cities, the vast majority of city residents live in communities with populations of 300,000 or less[i]. Cities large and small face financial risks from COVID-19 and the challenge of mitigating its spread. They face extra and increasing costs for essential public safety and health and lost tax

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Creating More Space for Safe Active Transportation and Outdoor Activity During COVID-19 and Beyond

By Patrick Wojahn As I speak with my neighbors in College Park and other trail users around the country, it’s clear how COVID-19 has changed the shape of our lives. It’s changed how we govern, how we work, how our kids learn, how we exercise and how we get from place to place. And for

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