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Six Things City Leaders Should Know About the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Yesterday, the House Ways and Means Committee released its long-awaited “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act” plan. The proposed tax reform plan aims to streamline the U.S. tax code and create some tax relief for middle and low income Americans by reducing the number of tax brackets, reducing marginal tax rates, and expanding family tax credits.

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In Washington, Competing Forces Work to Reform Healthcare Markets

In Washington, news of the latest healthcare reform efforts seem to change by the hour. But it’s been a particularly productive week on the issue, as both Congress and the Administration made moves to implement competing agendas. Here’s a quick recap of what happened: On October 12th, the Trump Administration made two large announcements impacting

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Five Things City Leaders Should Know About Tax Reform

This week, the “Big 6” tax negotiators comprised of leadership from the House, Senate and Administration, released its highly anticipated tax framework. The plan was a slightly updated version of the outline we saw in April. While the new document does provide some answers for cities, many unknowns still remain. Little has changed since the

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