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How Local Leaders Can Help Our Most Vulnerable Young People

City governments and city leaders continuously grapple with the costs of the “deep end” of the juvenile justice system. Deep-end youth include the roughly 30,000 young people placed in detention facilities who may be better served in targeted community-based services in the city. Deep-end youth constitute our most vulnerable and marginalized young people. Many deep-end

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Tailoring Reengagement Strategies For America’s ‘Opportunity Youth’

As American as apple pie, “freedom” and “opportunity” are the ideals our country is supposed to represent — and that every city leader strives toward. But for too many young people today, opportunity is a promise unfulfilled, and their freedom to choose what to do, who to be, and how to live is only nominal.

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NLC Hosts Convening in Philadelphia to Explore Youth Reengagement Strategies

Christina Grant, Assistant Superintendent of the Opportunity/Innovation Network at the School District of Philadelphia, leads a discussion group at the Sixth Annual Reengagement Plus! Convening in Philadelphia last month. (Photo credit: Indira Jimenez) Last month, the National League of Cities partnered with the Philadelphia Youth Network, the National Youth Employment Coalition, and the School District

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