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Top 5 NLC Reports from 2018

What did city leaders want to learn about most this year? The numbers don’t lie: autonomous vehicles, recycling, small cell deployment, the census and local trends. At the National League of Cities, we are dedicated to ensuring that cities are able to thrive and stay abreast of emerging issues in an ever-changing national landscape. And

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Ten Tips for Going Zero Waste

This is an excerpt from NLC’s new recycling guide, Recycling Reimagined. The health of our citizens and the safety of our environment depend on sustainable waste management systems. Cities should feel empowered to improve diversion rates and reduce waste. Examining your waste and recycling system can jumpstart local circular economies. A linear economy’s model is

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How Cities Are Rethinking (and Saving) Recycling

The city of Kirkwood, Missouri, recently announced that it would continue curbside recycling for residents. This may not seem like big news, but the decision comes after a month of speculation that the service would need to be terminated — even as Mayor Tim Griffin committed to do “everything we can to save our curbside

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