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In Providence, Fighting Climate Change Starts With Racial Equity

Last week, NLC’s Shafaq Choudtry talked with Leah Bamberger and Monica Huertas of Providence, Rhode Island, to discuss how the city is proactively working with communities of color as a key strategy in combating the impacts of climate change. The city is one of the participants in NLC’s Leadership in Community Resilience Program. Leah Bamberger

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Summer Vacation Doesn’t Have to be a Break from Healthy Meals for Kids

No matter how many years have passed since you were in school, you probably haven’t forgotten that feeling of anticipation for summer vacation as school winds down for the year. Remember starting to get antsy sitting in class and thinking about sleeping in, homework-free afternoons and the hot summer sun? However, as those familiar with

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The Latest in Economic Development

This week’s blog discusses NLC’s 2013 Local Economic Conditions Survey results, a new ranking of state and metro-area small business friendliness, Detroit’s downtown development, a new economic development initiative announced by Mayor Angel Taveras of Providence, Rhode Island, and the economic impact of Major League Baseball. Comment below or send to common@nlc.org. Get the last

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