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President Trump’s Playbook for Infrastructure

After a long wait, Congress now has an extensive infrastructure proposal from the President on their desk to review. The passage of this administration’s infrastructure playbook to Congress kicks off the process in Washington to develop a bipartisan deal that could ramp up the federal partnership in infrastructure investment. For city officials, who have been

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Why Cities Struggle to Fund Infrastructure

As President Trump and Congressional leadership emerge from a strategy meeting at Camp David this week, the infrastructure debate is heating up. There is now little doubt: Trump, Ryan, and McConnell are expected to announce that they intend to prioritize infrastructure on their 2018 to-do list. For cities, the coming focus on America’s long infrastructure

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Six Things City Leaders Should Know About the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Yesterday, the House Ways and Means Committee released its long-awaited “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act” plan. The proposed tax reform plan aims to streamline the U.S. tax code and create some tax relief for middle and low income Americans by reducing the number of tax brackets, reducing marginal tax rates, and expanding family tax credits.

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