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Closing Urban-Rural Divide to Achieve Equity

This is the fifth post in a series about reducing the divide between urban and rural communities. Far from being an “urban only” issue, both urban and rural communities in Minnesota struggle to achieve racial equity and immigrant integration. Two efforts within the state, Thriving by Design and One Minnesota Equity Blueprint, are working to spread the facts

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Supreme Court Weighs Political Apparel Bans at Polling Sites

With the 2018 election just months away, America’s courts have been asked to consider and reconsider every aspect of our democracy. From foreign meddling to paper ballot tracking, it seems no detail is too minute to challenge. Now, the highest court in the country will consider a unique new electoral battleground: Political apparel at polling

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Mayor Coleman on How Saint Paul Shows How Cities Can Bring Nature to Children

I grew up in a family that celebrated being in the great outdoors – we would travel to the Boundary Waters and our national parks. I was fortunate to spend that time in the wilderness, but that wasn’t my only, or even most common, experience in nature. Most of my time outdoors was spent in

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