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How Memphis Helps Employees Repay Student Loans

Today, Millennials and their younger ‘Centennial’ counterparts face a unique generational challenge: high levels of student loan debt. In fact, nearly 44 million Americans are carrying this burden, which collectively adds up to $1.5 trillion. Many of these individuals are facing financial hardships as a result. Today’s workers want and expect professional and career development

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The Changing Face of Japanese Decision Making

Japan has a reputation for being both hierarchical and patriarchal. One’s position in the hierarchy and the roles defined by gender continue to be reinforced by families, schools and employers. Further, Japanese customs and societal norms create structures that foster order and discipline, define relationships and sublimate the self for the benefit of the collective.

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Who’s Afraid of Renters?

Perceptions seem to be changing but there remains an unfortunate bias against renters. In a recent essay in the Wall Street Journal (May 4, 2012) author Daniel Gross [Better, Stronger, Faster: The Myth of American Decline and the Rise of the New Economy] offers this characterization. “In the American mind, renting has long symbolized striving

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