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How Micromobility in Cities Evolved in 2019

By Ashwini Chhabra From the rise of the micromobility industry in Santa Monica, California in 2017, through its rapid growth and global expansion in 2018, to its global presence in 2019, we have seen a remarkable evolution of this new and popular service and the approach cities are taking to support sustainable mobility for all.

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What You Need to Know About Micromobility

This blog was excerpted from NLC’s recent report, Micromobility in Cities. Shared electric scooters have taken cities by storm, and by now, everyone has either seen or heard about this new way to get around. This old mode of transportation — the kick scooter — has been made new with an electric motor and the ability

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Making Shared Scooters and Bikes Successful in Your City

This is a guest post by Rachel Zack, Policy Strategist at Remix. Since Remix was founded, one of the most important questions we’ve asked is: “What problems can we help solve?” Answers to that question have always come from close communication with cities and transit agencies, helping us understand the complex challenges across transportation. We focused on

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