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5 Things Cities Can Be Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Elected officials rarely get the chance to pause and reflect. For many of us, elected office is a second—or third—job, and there is always another project to complete, another problem that must be solved, or a council meeting to attend. The truth is—most of us like it that way. As local leaders, it’s in our

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Public Spaces and Local Democracy

On Tuesday, the Tennessee House of Representatives voted to exact revenge on the city of Memphis — approving a measure to withhold $250,000 in funding that had been appropriated for the city’s bicentennial anniversary celebration. A little backstory is required. In December, two statues of Confederate leaders were removed from Memphis parks — a long-awaited

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Preemption Threatens Economic Development and Innovation

City leaders work every day to grow local ecosystems in their communities that support entrepreneurs. They do this in many ways – attracting and retaining talent, offering support services, and creating vibrant urban places. This work takes place in the urban sphere because innovation thrives in cities. Cities are central to the progress of our

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