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Why E-Book Access Matters

As digital technologies become more integrated into how people learn, work and interact, ensuring equal access to e-books is more important than ever. And yet, major publishers have changed the rules on e-book access for public libraries through highly restrictive new pricing and lending practices. Notably, Macmillan Publishers launched a new policy this month that

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Latest in Economic Development

This week’s Latest in Economic Development looks at a new regional partnership in St. Louis, ideas for improved small business permitting, more on a library co-working space, and the economic development effects of the sequester. Have thoughts to add? Comment below or send to mcconnell@nlc.org. St. Louis City and County announced a new partnership for

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Don’t Discount the Value of a Library in a Digital World

Great cities have great central libraries. Some are architecturally significant such as in Seattle or Copenhagen. Others are signature buildings that embody the civic spirit and unique character of a community, such as in Fort Smith, Arkansas where the citizens voted to tax themselves in order to build a main library building and neighborhood branches.

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