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Tensions Rise for Local Leaders Trying to Fund Pensions

In light of our just-released State of the Cities 2018 report, this post is the first in a series of blogs that captures what mayors have been talking about most in 2018. According to this May’s State of the Cities 2018 report, intergovernmental relations was a topic of concern for many mayors. Interestingly, mayors across the country

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City Council Presidents from across America Convene in Chicago

This is a guest blog from President Pro Tempore Margaret Laurino of the Chicago City Council.  To my right, Council President Bernard “Jack” Young of Baltimore wants to focus on questions of equity. To my left, Vice Mayor David Luna of Mesa, Arizona says the upcoming 2020 Census is one of the top issues on

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Young and Thriving, North Port, Florida Seeks a Better Backbone

This blog post is part of a series on rebuilding and reimagining America’s infrastructure for NLC’s Rebuild With Us campaign.  The City of North Port is a young and thriving community in southwest Florida. It’s also one of Florida’s largest cities by area — covering over 105 square miles. Incredibly, the city is only 30% developed right

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Lessons in Leadership From Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, mid-April means bright sunshine and hot afternoons. This year, it also means recovery. We met Amelia on a tour through Utuado, a mid-sized city located in the central mountainous region of the island. Standing in her sister’s backyard, surrounded by fallen debris and an overturned chicken coup, she held a machete in

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How Three Cities Are Addressing Minority Health Disparities

Ever year in April, National Minority Health Month highlights the health disparities that persist among racial and ethnic minority populations — and the ways in which legislation, policy and programs can help advance health equity. While health indicators such as life expectancy and infant mortality have improved for most Americans, minorities still experience a disproportionate

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Fifty Years After MLK, Cities Must Confront Racial Equity Through Policy

Today, we remember the defining figure of the Civil Rights Era, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On the fiftieth anniversary of his assassination, leaders and communities across the country are taking the opportunity to reflect on our nation’s history, the progress we’ve made, and how much work we have yet to do. From Ferguson

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State of the City: The Case of Healthcare

In advance of our annual State of the Cities report, which will be released later this year, this blog series captures speeches given by mayors in 2017. This blog is part three of a four-part series focused on mayoral dialogues and sentiments around the fiscal responsibility of the city and the retirement needs of the

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Women in Politics: P is for Power

Across the country, women knit together the fabric of our communities. As residents, business entrepreneur and, of course, as local officials, women lead by action and example. At the National League of Cities, we’re proud of the women who have answered the call of service and taken office. NLC celebrates them this month by sharing their

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Addressing the Opioid Epidemic Together

The opioid epidemic in the United States is inescapable. It doesn’t discriminate based on age, race, gender or income — it exists everywhere, and it impacts everyone. From all-too-regular 9-1-1 calls to climbing death tolls and families torn apart by tragedy, the addiction epidemic is front and center in American life, and it’s gripping cities,

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How Six Cities Promote Diversity and Inclusion for Residents

Around the country, cities large and small are finding innovative ways to weave together every strand of their community, so that every resident has a fair shot at opportunity and prosperity.