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To Support Entrepreneurs, Constructing Cool Spaces Isn’t Enough

There is no economic evidence that high quality physical places alone will lead to new businesses. Of course the physical infrastructure of a city impacts the ability for people to interact. And various issues, such as affordable housing, mobility and blight, hamstring countless cities. But when it comes to supporting new businesses, the prevailing zeitgeist

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Embracing the Immigrant Engine

The National League of Cities’ Center for Research and Innovation has joined with Next American City to explore how cities are developing innovative models for tackling complex urban issues and strengthening their local economies.  NLC is featuring a series of case studies, and this post highlights the third and final of the series, The Rise

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The Latest in Economic Development

This week’s blog explores strategic alignment of workforce and economic development, the intertwined fate of colleges and their host communities, and downtown redevelopment.  Comment below or send to mcfarland@nlc.org. Get the last edition of “The Latest in Economic Development” here. No matter where you come down on the skills mismatch debate (and another commentary here

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