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Help Your Gig Workers File Their Taxes Right

The sharing economy, also commonly referred to as collaborative consumption, the collaborative economy, the gig economy or the peer-to-peer economy, has been a growing phenomenon in the United States job market. This relatively new trend is made up of contractors and freelancers, who are independent from the company that they work for. This line of

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What a Lapse in Appropriations Could Mean for Cities

As a partial government shutdown continues into its third week, the impacts of a funding lapse for affected agencies are beginning to become more visible. Among the seven federal spending bills that lapsed in December is the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill. While the name indicates that it provides funding for the Department

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4 Takeaways from Proposed Opportunity Zone Regulations

The Opportunity Zones program, passed into law last year, went by nearly unnoticed after it was bundled into the larger 2017 tax reform bill. Many state and local leaders were first introduced to the program during the 90-day window for zone selections at the start of this year. While the first year of the program

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