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Go Tell the Spartans

Lansing, Michigan – The Spartans of old were the lightly armed, highly determined warriors that defended the pass at Thermopylae in 480 B.C. against a vastly superior force of Persians, bent on the complete destruction of Greece. The modern Spartans are the lightly armed and highly determined municipal officials who battle to prevent Michigan from

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America in the Last Lane

As any competitive or recreational swimmer knows, the swimming pool has a strict hierarchy of performance and expectation. At one end of the pool are the fast lanes and at the other end are the slow lanes. In the fast lanes are found the competitive tri-athletes, the varsity collegiate swimmers and the Olympic wannabees. For

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The Global Economy is Not Really So “Foreign”

When Ron Kirk was Mayor of Dallas he spent lots of his time on economic development efforts. He built partnerships across the region and around the world to help generate domestic and foreign investment and to promote local products and services. For the last 15 months Kirk has been doing the same job only on

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