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Small Cities Looking to the Future

When you think of the word “city”, what do you picture? Is it skyscrapers rising over the horizon? Or is it industry — people in suits pouring over state-of-the-art laptops? Maybe it’s billboards glittering with the latest advertisement and lights that just don’t seem to turn off. So often when we think of cities, we

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Innovation Districts Are Catalysts for Urban Growth

This post was written by Bruce Katz, Brooks Rainwater and Julie Wagner . For the past 50 years, Silicon Valley and Research Triangle Park epitomized the environments where the nation’s innovations germinated. Now, there’s a noticeable shift to a new complementary urban model, unleashing exciting opportunities for cities and city leaders: innovation districts. The National

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Innovation Districts Create New Urban Spaces for Creativity and Growth

This post also appears on CityMinded’s blog. Cities incubate creativity and serve as labs for innovative ideas and policies. One such idea arising more and more is the innovation district. These districts are creative, energy-laden ecosystems with a focus on building partnerships across sectors. Innovation districts attract entrepreneurs, established companies, and leaders in all walks

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