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Three Important Takeaways from Silicon Valley

Serving as municipal leaders, our work is ever constant and dynamic. We work tirelessly to respond to constituent needs by developing policy, managing land use, setting direction, negotiating contracts, balancing budgets, and working with various stakeholders. And the work can be quite detailed!   Opportunities like the recent Silicon Valley Future of Cities event, hosted by

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Ten Ways to Protect Your City from Cyberattacks

Every hour, 26% of local governments report a cyberattack. But according to a new NLC analysis, done in partnership with the Public Technology Institute, nearly a quarter don’t have a cybersecurity plan that is designed to protect government information systems from attack/provide steps for recovery in case of attack. Fortunately, we have recommendations for how you can

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Cybersecurity: A Crucial Issue for Local Governments

Right now, Congress is considering a myriad of bills on cybersecurity.  The most pitched public debate has surrounded the private sector, civil liberty, and privacy concerns.  However, state and local government participation is crucial to securing our citizens’ safety.  That’s why NLC and other state and local organizations sent leading stakeholders in Congress a letter with

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