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How Can Cities Become More Disaster Resilient?

Three historic hurricanes. Wildfires in the West. Increased frequency nuisance flooding and heavy rainfall. As extreme weather continues to dominate the headlines, in 2017 what can city leaders do to protect their communities? Last week, NLC and the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) co-hosted a Congressional Briefing entitled “How Can Cities Become More Resilient

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Why Natural Disasters Hit Vulnerable Groups Hardest

This is an NLC staff post by Bernadette Onyenaka and Chelsea Jones. Hurricane season is upon us yet again, and while nothing is ever certain, what does seem clear is that this is a hurricane season the U.S. will find hard to forget. If we are lucky, perhaps we will take the lessons that we

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Public and Private Sectors Mobilize for Hurricane Relief

This week, the catastrophic flooding and winds of Hurricane Harvey impacted millions of Americans across Texas and Louisiana. But while the storm’s effects were vast, much of the greatest damage was averted by the swift actions of local leaders, first responders, heroic citizens and outside organizations. As the floodwaters recede and the rebuilding begins, NLC’s partners

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