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Why Housing is Key to Loving Your City

This post is contributed by NLC President Karen Freeman-Wilson, mayor of Gary, Indiana. As elected officials, we want everyone to see our cities the same way we do. We work hard to make our residents feel the same passion, love and optimism that motivated us to run to serve them. But it’s hard to love your

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Housing and Cities — A Deeper Look at the Numbers

Over the last few years, “The Rent is Too Damn High” has grown from a fringe political party in New York to a constant complaint from millennials, seniors, middle-income wage earners, policy wonks and city elected leaders. While housing issues in a growth economy might seem counter-intuitive on the surface, the research tells a much

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Nonprofits and Philanthropies Can Help Create Affordable Housing in Your City

America’s mayors have stated that affordable housing, particularly for the homeless, is an issue of primary concern in their cities. NLC’s Elisha Harig-Blaine shares the story of one homeless veteran who was able to obtain housing — but only with the help of a local nonprofit in partnership with the city. For the fourth consecutive

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