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Shutdown Means A Road Less Traveled for Furloughed Workers

As the federal government shutdown stretches into its fourth day with no resolution in sight, cities are already starting to feel the impacts on transportation infrastructure. If Congress cannot come to an agreement quickly, city residents will be increasingly affected by the loss of federal transportation dollars, and the lack of federal personnel on the

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Government Shutdown Puts America’s Waterways in Jeopardy

It’s now day two of the federal government shutdown, and many city leaders and residents are still wondering what the impact will be on their communities. Certainly, the shuttering of national parks throughout the country as well as the Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo here in Washington, DC (not to mention the Panda Cam!)

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Congress: Take a Page from Cities and Lead

This post was written by Clarence Anthony, Executive Director of the National League of Cities. This government shutdown is appalling. First, we hoped it wouldn’t happen and that Congress would arrive at a common sense solution at the last minute. Now, we simply hope it won’t last too long. This is government by manufactured crisis,

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