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10 Tips for Understanding Grants

Applying for a grant—be it federal, state or private—can be a difficult, time consuming process. NLC Grant Access will streamline the process. As an NLC member, you have an entire database dedicated to helping your municipality fund crucial initiatives. Find a grant that fits your city’s next venture, like: building a library, investing in public infrastructure

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How Jackson Hole Became a Model of Successful Growth

NLC’s James Brooks visits the outdoor mecca of Jackson Hole, Wyo., and uncovers the risks and promise of successful place making. The streets of Jackson, Wyo., with ski slopes in the background. (WitGorski/Getty Images) Jackson, Wyo., is an excellent example of successful place making. Blessed with supreme natural beauty, the town of Jackson and surrounding

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Innovation and Cities: Reframing the Dialogue

The first installment in a series on “Innovation and Cities” These are tough times for cities, economically and politically.  Our own research points to a period of managed retrenchment where city leaders are confronted with undesirable choices — cuts in vital services, laying off personnel, delaying needed infrastructure investments, to name a few.  But, times

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