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Hazard Pay Decisions Challenge City Leaders

Cities have employees in many high-risk positions. Police, firefighters, paramedics, and EMT’s are typical examples. Private and public employers alike are considering additional compensation, or “hazard pay,” for employees working on the frontlines in midst of the COVID-19 crisis. For those cities that implement such a policy, there exists a labyrinth of rules and regulations

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Improving Water Supply and Aging Infrastructure in Atlanta

This summer, as Congress works to advance targeted infrastructure bills like the Water Resources Development Act, cities across the country are continuing to call on Washington to build on these efforts and to commit to rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure in partnership with the nation’s local elected officials. During Infrastructure Week in May, city leaders took

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Decatur Mayor Wins NLCU Memorial Scholarship

Each year, the Michael H.T. Lynch Scholarship is awarded to one NLC member to attend the NLC University Leadership Summit. We are thrilled to congratulate to the 2017 recipient, Mayor Patricia Garrett of Decatur, Georgia. Mayor Garrett was selected from a competitive group of essays and applications submitted by leaders from across the country. Prior

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