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Federal Shutdown Ends, but Damage to Cities Remains

Update: On Friday, January 25, President Trump and Congressional leaders announced a short-term agreement to reopen the federal government, ending the longest government shutdown in American history. Local leaders are encouraged that our federal partners are ready to put forward a bipartisan bill to end the government shutdown, but the damage has been done —

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How Tempe, Arizona is Navigating the Shutdown Crisis

This is a guest post by Robin Arredondo-Savage, Councilmember from Tempe, Arizona. The continued federal government shutdown poses serious concerns for the city of Tempe. At risk are several housing and human services programs, the construction of Tempe Streetcar and support for public safety initiatives. To manage the potential damaging effects of a prolonged shutdown, we

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What Does the Shutdown Mean for Food Stamps?

Just last month, Congress passed an $867 reauthorization of the Farm Bill, which supports programs that have a significant impact on American communities through investment in rural development, promoting conservation efforts and supporting local food and nutrition programs. Chief among these food and nutrition programs is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the program most

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