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Preventing COVID-19 Generated Family Financial Instability

Social distancing has caused businesses to close or curtail their services to slow the spread of COVID-19. Employees of non-essential services, such as restaurants and retail stores, in turn are losing their jobs or experiencing a drastic reduction in pay. These employees are already straining to make ends meet because they are more likely to earn hourly wages and lack benefits such as healthcare or paid sick leave.   Before this pandemic,

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City Fiscal Conditions – A Five-Year Review

In advance of the release of our annual City Fiscal Conditions report on September 13, this blogpost highlights recent historical trends in municipal finance. The community of Bristol straddles the border between Tennessee and Virginia — one name, two cities, and two starkly different realities. And in today’s economy, Bristol, Tennessee, is thriving while Bristol, Virginia,

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How to Measure Pension Fiscal Health in Your City

The state of retirement funding has become an obvious fiscal concern for city governments, especially since the Great Recession. In fact, a recent National League of Cities survey revealed the cost of employee/retiree pensions ranks third (following infrastructure needs and public safety needs) among the most negative factors impacting city budgets. Perhaps more telling is

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