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A Way Forward for Local Infrastructure Investment

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is raising the bar on implementing solutions to his city’s infrastructure needs.  During a wide-ranging discussion in Washington, D.C. today, Mayor Emanuel ticked off the challenges he and other local leaders face in cities and towns across America – congested highways, obsolete water and sewer systems, low capacity telecommunications networks and

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Does it Pay to Charge?

No one wants to pay to travel.  But if it means less traffic and quicker travel times, I could get on board with the idea.  In fact, I am on board.  I live in Montgomery County, Maryland where I have access to the recently opened MD 200, the Intercounty Connector, or ICC as it’s more

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“The Next American Economy”

According to an article from the New York Times, the city of Chicago is preparing to partner with the private sector to invest $7 billion in transit, schools and parks.  In the article, Mayor Emanuel hints that this is the kind of drastic investment that will be required for “building a new Chicago.”  In fact,

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