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NLC Equity, Education and Employment Summer Road Trip Corpus Christi: Making Coastal Connections

This summer, we’ve embarked on a road trip to find out how six cities are building equitable pathways to postsecondary and workforce success. On our fourth stop, we discover how the port city of Corpus Christi, Texas, is making local and regional connections to meet its almost $50 billion industry demand.   This post was

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Federal Court Rejects Obama-Era Overtime Rule

Last week, a federal district judge in Texas invalidated a key Obama-era overtime regulation that would have made it more likely states and local governments would have had to pay more employees overtime. Per the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), executive, administrative, and professional “white collar” employees do not have to be paid overtime if

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New Report Highlights Challenges for Veterans

Last week, Paycheck to Paycheck was released by the National Housing Conference and the Center for Housing Policy. The report looked at the cost of housing in more than 200 metropolitan areas and the incomes earned for 74 jobs, including five jobs “targeted by training programs sponsored by the Department of Labor in partnership with the

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