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High-Speed Rail: Now or Later

In the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), $8 billion has been set aside for the development of a high-speed rail (HSR) network.  And, additional money is on its way in the form of a provision by Congress providing $2.5 billion for fiscal year 2010 and a request by the President for another $1 billion

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Do Tax Incentives Have Their Place?

The use of tax incentives to spur economic growth has come under scrutiny over the years.  There are claims that incentives allow businesses to play communities off one another, promote “zero sum” economic growth, and essentially do nothing to actually lure businesses (who in all likelihood have already decided on their location). And from the

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The Creative Class revisited

The “Creative Class” has become a mainstay in the lexicon of city speak. Made famous by Richard Florida, the term refers to individuals whose jobs are inherently creative, like musicians and architects, or where creativity is a major function of the job, like doctors. As Florida defines it, the Creative Class generates wealth and lots

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