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Dubuque Gets Engaged

This post was written by Candace Eudaley, Assistant Executive Director at the East Central Intergovernmental Association (ECIA) in Dubuque, Iowa. ECIA is a council of governments serving Cedar, Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque and Jackson Counties in eastern Iowa.  This post was written in conjunction with a recently released report from NLC’s Sustainable Cities Institute: “Dubuque Gets

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Strengthening Sustainability at Home and Abroad: NLC-led Delegation Heads to Europe

The pursuit of sustainability is in many ways a pursuit of innovation. Far from altering the ultimate processes, systems, services, and objectives of local government – sustainability initiatives seek to find new approaches, use creative solutions, and plan comprehensively to enhance overall efficiency of cities and create healthy, prosperous, and strong communities. Sustainability approaches bring

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Thinking Big on Main Street

As we consider how cities can thrive, we try to look at the big picture.  We often begin at the city level and think beyond it—creating economic linkages with foreign markets, addressing the global issues of energy use and climate change, and focusing on cities’ roles within their regional, national, and international context. But last

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