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How are Cities Shaping an Autonomous Future?

This is an excerpt from our newest municipal action guide, Autonomous Vehicle Pilots Across America. The unstoppable forces of automation and artificial intelligence are rapidly changing the way we move through, work in and design cities. Technological advancements are transforming the mobility environment as a wide range of companies continue investing billions of dollars to develop, test and

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How Autonomous Vehicles Will Shape Cities

Today in America, autonomous vehicles (AVs) are already on our streets, with pilots taking place in cities nationwide. Technology like this can be utilized to make all of our lives better — but even if our hands are off the wheel, we must drive this future together. That’s why NLC and the Bloomberg Aspen Initiative

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Insurance Hearing Shows Need for Autonomous Vehicles Data Access

On May 23, the House Financial Services Committee held a hearing on the impact of autonomous vehicles (AVs) on the future of insurance. In light of the Senate’s American Vision for Safer Transportation through Advancement of Revolutionary Technologies Act (AV START Act), this hearing brings another critical perspective on AVs. For cities, the hearing yielded two crucial takeaways on the

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