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The Re-Emergence of Neighborhoods

For the past five years, NLC’s Center for City Solutions has analyzed hundreds of mayors’ state of the city addresses. In this research, we examine which priorities mayors are focusing on and how their priorities change over time in response to social, economic and political trends. The 2018 State of Cities (SOTC) report covers a sample of

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A Suburban Model for Successful Downtown Growth

This is a guest post by Noam Bramson, mayor of New Rochelle, New York. In my city of New Rochelle, New York, our innovative and successful downtown development plan illustrates the critical role that small cities can play in achieving sustainable regional growth. Our experience could serve as a model for similar communities throughout America.

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Celebrating the Attractions of Small Cities

When I talk about cities I have visited, I use sensory language. I describe the art or architecture I saw, the unique foods I consumed, the sounds of nature or of music I heard, the landscape I traversed or the people with whom I connected. Big city or small city, in the U.S. or abroad,

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